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QHY All-In-One Adapter Kit - M54

QHY All-In-One Adapter Kit - M54

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  • The QHY All-In-One Adapter Kit - M54 is a versatile set of adapters designed to help achieve focus with QHY cooled CMOS cameras and other accessories. Here are the details:

    1. Compatibility:

      • The kit is compatible with all QHY cooled CMOS cameras.
      • It also works with QHY filter wheels CFWM-SR (standard), CFWM-US (thin), CFWL, and OAG-M (medium OAG).
    2. Components Included:

      • 5mm M54 to M48 Adapter: This adapter allows you to connect accessories with M48 threads to your QHY camera.
      • 3mm M54 to M42 Adapter: Use this adapter to attach accessories with M42 threads.
      • 2.5mm 2-inch Filter Fixer (Original Name 020055): This component helps secure 2-inch filters in place.
      • 4mm M54 Screwed Adapter (Original Name 020070): Connect accessories with M54 threads using this adapter.
    3. Customizable Back Focus Length:

    Remember that the kit includes only the adapter rings, spacers, and screws. Cameras, filter wheels, and other accessories are not included. If you have any further questions or need additional information, feel free to ask! 😊

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