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QHY PCIE Grabber Card Kit

QHY PCIE Grabber Card Kit

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The QHY PCIE Grabber Card Kit is a specialized accessory designed for high-speed optical communication between QHYCCD astronomical and scientific cameras and a computer. Here are the key details:

  • Components Included:

    • PCIE Card: The kit includes one PCIE2.0 x 8 image data grabber card. It features a 4GB onboard DDR3 memory and supports 2*10Gbps high-speed optical communication.
    • Fiber Module: Four fiber modules are included, facilitating the connection between the camera and the PCIE card.
    • Fiber Optic Cables: The default kit comes with two 10-meter fiber optic cables. However, you have the option to choose longer cables (20 to 50 meters) if needed.
  • Compatibility:

    • The QHY PCIE Grabber Card is compatible with models that have a 2 x 10GB interface. Cameras such as the QHY268PRO, QHY600PRO, QHY461, QHY411, and QHY4040PRO can benefit from this card.
  • Features:

    • PCIE 2.0 x8: The card operates at PCIE 2.0 x8 speed.
    • High-Speed Communication: It provides a total of four 10Gbps fiber sockets and one 40Gbps fiber socket.
    • Onboard Memory: With 4GB of onboard DDR3 memory, it ensures efficient data transfer.
    • Camera Support: Compatible with QHY cameras featuring 2 x 10GB interfaces.

The QHY PCIE Grabber Card Kit enhances data transfer efficiency and reliability, making it an essential component for astrophotography and scientific imaging applications


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