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QHY1253P Polarized Camera

QHY1253P Polarized Camera

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QHY1253 has IMX253 Global shutter CMOS sensor with the special Polarize version.  Monochrome and color version are also available. Compared with QHY550P, 1253P has a bigger sensor. It has important applications in gemstone, geology and material science, biology science.

QHY1253 has built-in two stage TEC cooler. It can cool the sensor to -35C below ambient and reduce the dark current, which greatly improving the dark signal detect performance. Especially for detect the tiny difference of the polarize light. This is necessary for the astronomy, life science and optical lab.

Polarize Sensor

With the on-pixel four direction polarize filter, A polarize sensor can capture the polarize image at only one exposure. No need changes the polarize filter for three times. Polarize detector can be used in industry image to detect the scratch, transmissible object and getting the no-reflection pictures.

Since the polarizer is formed during the semiconductor process, form and formulation of polarizer, uniformity, mass productivity and durability are excellent compared to conventional polarization sensors. Furthermore, The Polarization sensor is covered with an anti-reflection layer which helps to reduce reflectance and avoids poor flare and ghost characteristics.

Global Shutter

Model QHY1253
COMS Sensor IMX253
Sensor Type Polarize
Sensor Size 13.91mm x 10.34mm
Effective Pixels 12MP
Pixel Size 3.45um x 3.45um
Effective Pixel Area 4032 (H) x 2998 (V)
Shutter Type Electric Global Shutter
Fullwell 9.8Ke-
Readout Noise 1.17e –
Dynamic Range 74dB
Dark Current TBD
Full Frame Rate 14.5fps @ 8Bit

10fps   @16Bit


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