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The QHY4040Pro I is a scientific cooled CMOS camera equipped with the GSENSE4040 4K*4K scientific CMOS sensor. Let’s explore its features:

  1. Sensor and Resolution:

  2. FSI and BSI Versions:

  3. Dual Gain Channels and Data Combination:

  4. Live Video Mode and Single-Frame Mode:

    • In single-frame mode, the QHY4040Pro I operates at a low CMOS-driven speed.
    • Its noise performance behavior is similar to the 8FPS@16BIT mode in Live Video Mode, which supports five different CMOS clocks.
    • The maximum frame rate ranges from 8FPS to 20FPS1.
  5. Zero Amplifier Glow:

In summary, the QHY4040Pro I combines high resolution, low noise, and efficient cooling, making it an excellent choice for scientific imaging and astrophotography applications1. You can find more information about this camera on the QHYCCD website.

Liquid cooling version is also available (Customization required).

Laboratory Equipmentcamer

First Light of QHY4040Pro-BSI

Taken together with a 50cm telescope in Corona Borealis Observatory, Ali, Tibet, China

Exposure: 5s and 30s

QHY4040 standard version is the single-channel ADC output version. It is using the High Gain Channel to output the low readout noise image.  It supports both live video mode and single-frame mode. In single-frame mode. it works at a low CMOS-driven speed. The behavior of the noise performance is the same with the 8FPS@16BIT mode in Live video mode.  In live video mode, it supports five different CMOS clocks.  Max Frame rate from 8FPS to 20FPS.

The QHY4040 has zero amplifier glow. Please check the following dark frame for it.

Dark Frame Samples
Here is a dark frame of 10sec exposure and 30sec exposure @-7.5C.   The QHY4040 can get about max 35C to 40C below ambient.

A detailed Dark Frame Samples (Gain 0 and Gain 16. -15C, 0sec bias frame, 30, 60, 120, 300sec Dark Frame)

About HDR mode support
QHY4040PRO support the dual 12bit convert to 16bit function. Users can input the combination factor and offset factor to the FPGA of the camera via an API interface. For different sensor temperatures, the offset factor needs to be calibrated.

Hardware Signal of Exposure End Time
QHY4040 supports hardware exposure ending signal output. Which can be used for high precise time-domain imaging. This signal can be measured by an external timing base and you will know the precise time of the starting and ending exposure time.

Multiple Working Mode
QH4040 supports the continuous live video modesingle-frame mode, and burst mode.  In the live video mode, the camera is free-running to capture the images. In single-frame mode. The camera will start capture one frame when you send the start exposure command. In burst mode, The camera will be in idle status, you can define how many frame will be output and after you send the start exposure command, it will start to capture these frames and then stop output. In both single-frame mode and burst mode, the timing is in sync with the start exposure command. It is beneficial for the high precision timing record work when working with the hardware exposure ending signal.

This picture shows the hardware exposure ending signal with a burst mode that output from the camera.  This is a four frames burst. Each falling edge indicates an exposure ending time.


CMOS Sensor Gpixel Gense4040 FSI / BSI sCMOS Sensor
Pixel Size 9.0um x 9.0um
CMOS Chamber Optic window glass AR+AR multiple layer coating anti-reflection glass
Sensor Size 36.9mm*36.9mm
Effective Pixel Area 4096 x 4096
Effective Pixels 16.8 Megapixels
Effective Image Area 36.9mm x 36.9mm
Fullwell Only supports Low Gain channel 26ke- High Gain Channel >70ke 


Low Gain Channel 26ke.

AD Sample Depth Dual 12bit ADC. Only output high gain channel. Dual 12bit ADC
(1)Dual Channel Output Together Mode.
(2)Single Channel Mode (High Gain Channel and Low Gain Channel Seletable)
(3)Dual 12bit Combine to 16BIT Image mode.
Dual 12bit ADC
(1)Dual Channel Output Together Mode.
(2)Single Channel Mode (High Gain Channel and Low Gain Channel Seletable)
(3)Dual 12bit Combine to 16BIT Image mode.
Full Frame Rate 20FPS@4096*4096 8bit (Clock Speed 4)
18FPS@4096*4096 8bit (Clock Speed 3)
16FPS@4096*4096 8bit (Clock Speed 2)
12FPS@4096*4096 8bit (Clock Speed 1)
8FPS@4096*4096 8bit (Clock Speed 0)
8FPS@4096*4096 12bit (Clock Speed 0)
USB3.0 Mode, PCIE Mode 

20FPS@4096*4096 8Bit  10FPS@4096*4096 16Bit

39FPS@2048*2048 8Bit  19FPS@2048*2048 16Bit

73FPS@1080*1080 8Bit  37FPS@1080*1080 16Bit

USB3.0 Mode, PCIE Mode 

20FPS@4096*4096 8Bit  10FPS@4096*4096 16Bit

39FPS@2048*2048 8Bit  19FPS@2048*2048 16Bit

73FPS@1080*1080 8Bit  37FPS@1080*1080 16Bit

Readout Noise FSI version
Typical 4e- @ Gain31 (16.5x)
FSI version
Typical 4e- @ Gain31 (16.5x)
BSI version
Typical 2.3e- @Gain50   (16.5x)
Dark Current FSI version
0.05e/pixel/sec @ -15C
FSI version
0.05e/pixel/sec @ -15C
BSI version
0.16e/pixel/sec @ -20C
Exposure Time Range 20us – 600sec
Shutter Type Electric Rolling Shutter
Computer Interface USB3.0 ONLY USB3.0  +  2*10Gbps Filber USB3.0  +  2*10Gbps Filber
Built-in Image Buffer QHY4040
128MB DDR2 Memory
2GByte (16Gbit) DDR3 Memory 2GByte (16Gbit) DDR3 Memory
Exposure Ending Hardware Pulse Output Optional TrigOut and Shutter Measure waveform
GPIO Four High Speed FPGA Controlled GPIO . Can be used for high precise GPS timestamp socket. Or the Electric Shutter on/off waveform output for GPS Card. Or Multiple Camera Synchronized Port and so on.
Cooling System Dual Stage TE Air Cooler(-35C below ambient)(Test temperature +20°)
The QHY4040 liquid cooling customized version has a maximum temperature difference of -40 degrees in continuous mode and single frame mode with an exposure time greater than 1 second.
Recommended flow rates for water-cooled versions 1.6ml/s
Humidity Sensor QHY4040PRO I has the humidity Sensor in CMOS chamber QHY4040PRO I has the humidity Sensor in CMOS chamber
Anti-Dew Heater Yes
Telescope Interface M54/0.75
Optic Window Type AR+AR High Quality Multi-Layer Anti-Reflection Coating
Back Focal Length 17mm(±0.2)
Weigth  785g about 990g  about 990g
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