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  • The QHY410C is a powerful full-frame CMOS camera designed for astrophotography. Let’s explore its impressive features:

    1. Sensor and Resolution:

    2. Quantum Efficiency (QE):

    3. Color vs. Mono:

    4. Applications:

    In summary, the QHY410C challenges the traditional boundaries of noise in astrophotography, making it a compelling choice for capturing the wonders of the universe. You can find more information about this camera on the Astronomy website or the QHYCCD website. 🌠

    * Each camera is carefully calibrated at the factory with a high-precision axis measurement device.  Orthogonal placement of the sensor is guaranteed to be flat to the image plane to better than +/-20 microns across the sensor from edge to edge, so there is no need to adjust for camera tilt absent mechanical errors elsewhere in the image train. 

  • Specifications

  • Model QHY410C
    COMS Sensor SONY IMX410
    Mono/Color Color
    Pixel Size 5.94um*5.94um
    Effective Pixel Area 6072* 4044
    Effective Pixels 24.5 MP
    Sensor Size Full Frame 36mm* 24mm
    Back Focus 17.5 mm
    Camera Connection M54 x 0.75
    Color or Mono Color
    Cooled Cooled
    Cooling Below Ambient 35C
    Dynamic Range 12 Stops
    Full Rez Frame Rate 19.2fps
    Full Well 120ke
    Max Frame Rate 40.58fps
    Mega Pixels 24.5 MP
    Pixel Array 6064 x 4040
    Pixel Size 5.94 microns
    Read Noise 2.46e
    Sensor Diagonal 43.3 mm
    Sensor Type CMOS
    Sensor Sony IMX410
    Shutter Operation Method Electronic

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