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The QHY5III715C is an ultra-high resolution back-illuminated color camera designed for astronomical and scientific purposes. Let’s explore its features:

  1. Sensor Specifications:

    • The QHY5III715C utilizes the Sony IMX715 sensor, which is similar to the QHY5III462C but with four times the pixel count.
    • It boasts a 4K resolution with 1.45μm pixels arranged in a 3830 x 2160 array.
    • The sensor’s back-illuminated (BSI) design enhances sensitivity and reduces readout noise.
  2. Ideal for Short Focal Length Refractors:

    • With its exceptionally small pixels, the QHY5III715C provides a field of view (FOV) of less than 1 arcsecond at focal lengths of 12 inches (300mm) or longer.
    • This makes it ideal for use with smaller short focal length refractors.
  3. Near-Infrared Sensitivity:

    • In this latest generation of sensors, the photodiode portion of each pixel well is physically deeper than in previous sensors.
    • This design allows photons of longer wavelengths (such as red and near-infrared light) to penetrate deeper into the substrate.
    • As a result, the sensor displays almost equal peak sensitivity to NIR light as it does to visible light.
  4. Image Buffer:

    • The QHY5III715C features a 512MB DDR3 image buffer, which effectively reduces the pressure on computer transmission during planetary photography.
    • This buffer size represents a significant upgrade compared to some other cameras on the market.
  5. Front-End Design:

    • The camera adopts a new front-end design with better compatibility.
    • Its back focal length (BFL) is only 8mm, making it easy to pair with off-axis guiders (OAGs).
    • The basic top adapter includes 1.25-inch threads, allowing you to use your existing 1.25-inch filters.
    • Additionally, the top adapter glass can be switched, enabling compatibility with lenses.
    • You can even add a 1.25-inch CS adapter for CS lenses or a second CS-C lens for C-mount lenses.
  6. USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-C Interface:

    • The QHY5III715C utilizes a USB3.2 Gen1 Type-C interface, providing flexibility and longevity compared to the previous USB3.0 Type-B interface.

The QHY5III715C combines high resolution, low read noise, and adaptability, making it a valuable tool for both planetary imaging and guiding.

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