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The QHY6060 is a big-format scientific CMOS camera equipped with impressive features for astrophotography and scientific imaging. Let’s explore its specifications:

  • Sensor and Resolution:

    • The QHY6060 utilizes the Gpixel GSENSE6060 sensor, available in both monochrome (QHY6060PH-M) and color (QHY6060PH-C) versions.
    • This full-frame sensor boasts an impressive 37.7 megapixels with a pixel size of 10μm x 10μm.
    • The sensor offers a resolution of 6K x 6K, providing high-detail images.
  • Back-Illuminated and Front-Illuminated Versions:

    • The QHY6060 comes in both back-illuminated (BSI) and front-illuminated (FSI) versions.
    • The BSI version achieves a remarkable 95% peak quantum efficiency (QE), making it highly sensitive to light.
    • The FSI version has a still impressive 72% peak QE.
  • Cooling System:

    • The camera features a 2-stage TEC cooler that can cool the sensor to -25°C below ambient temperature.
    • It is also compatible with air cooling and water cooling setups.
    • The liquid cooling option can achieve temperatures as low as -45°C to -47°C below ambient.
  • High-Speed Interface:

    • The QHY6060 uses a USB 3.0 high-speed interface for efficient data transfer.
    • It can achieve a full frame rate of 5.6 FPS at 8-bit or 4.0 FPS at 16-bit.
  • Image Buffer:

    • The camera includes a 2GB DDR3 memory buffer, ensuring smooth data handling during high-speed image acquisition.
  • Optic Window and Adapters:

    • The AR+AR coated optic window minimizes reflections and halos around bright stars.
    • Customization options for adapters are available.

In summary, the QHY6060 combines high resolution, low noise, and efficient cooling, making it an excellent choice for serious astrophotographers and scientific researchers123. You can find more information about this camera on the QHYCCD website.

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