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The QHYOAG M/L Pro is an off-axis guider designed to enhance the guiding performance of astrophotography setups. Let’s delve into the details:

  1. Model Variants:

    • QHYOAG-M Pro: This variant is compatible with telescopes using an M54/0.75 thread (an adapter may be needed). It works seamlessly with the QHYCFW3-M/L filter wheel or can be connected to the QHYCFW3M/L using an included adapter. The thickness or back focal length consumed by the OAG is 12mm (excluding the adapter). The prism size is 14mm x 10mm1.
    • QHYOAG-L Pro: Designed for larger sensors, this variant supports cameras like the QHY461PH and QHY600. It provides M62 and M54 thread outputs directly. The OAG-L Pro is compatible with the QHYCFW3XL filter wheel and can also be paired with other QHY filter wheels using standard adapters. Solutions are available to achieve a back focal length of 55mm1.
  2. Purpose and Benefits:

    • Shared Field of View: Unlike external guiding setups, where a separate guide scope is used, the OAG allows the guiding camera and imaging camera to share the same field of view. This reduces differential flexure and utilizes the telescope’s larger aperture.
    • Larger Sensor Guide Cameras: To improve the chances of finding suitable guide stars, the OAG-M/L Pro accommodates guide cameras with larger sensors. For instance, guide cameras like the QHY5III174M or QHY5III585C have a field of view 2-4 times larger than typical smaller guiders. This larger FOV ensures more stars are available for guiding.
    • Wider Prism: The OAGM/L Pro features a larger prism (10mm x 14mm) compared to the standard QHYOAG series (8mm x 8mm). This wider prism allows better illumination of larger sensor guide cameras, minimizing vignetting. When connected to the OAG Pro, there’s minimal darkening at the edges, ensuring effective guiding even at night1.
  3. Connection and Compatibility:

    • The QHYOAG Series attaches directly to the camera or filter wheel using six screws, ensuring a solid and reliable mechanical connection.
    • Various standard and optional QHY accessories can be combined for versatile structural setups.
    • Adapter kits (such as B1 and G1) are included in specific camera packages (e.g., QHY268M, QHY600M-PH SBFL) to facilitate connections.
    • The QHYOAGL Pro directly mates with the QHYCFW3XL (62mm) filter wheel. Adapters are also provided for compatibility with the QHYCFW3L and QHYCFW3M1.

In summary, the QHYOAG M/L Pro enhances guiding accuracy by allowing larger sensor guide cameras to fully utilize their potential, resulting in improved astrophotography results

Released Date 11/2023 08/2023
Telescope Interface M54/0.75(adapter needed) M62/0.75 or M54/0.75 (adapter needed)
Filter Wheel Compatible QHYCFW3-M/L QHYCFW3XL;
Or connect QHYCFW3M/L with an adapter included in the package
Thickness/BFL Consumes 12mm (excluding adapter)
Size of Prism 14*10mm
Retail Price* USD 229 USD 280

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