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SWIR Lens for QHY990

SWIR Lens for QHY990

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The QHY SWIR Lens designed for the QHY990/991 series enhances the camera’s capabilities for Short Wavelength Infrared (SWIR) imaging. Let’s explore the details:

  1. Compatibility and Purpose:

    • The SWIR lens is specifically crafted for use with the QHY990 and QHY991 cameras.
    • It allows these cameras to capture images in the SWIR range, which typically spans wavelengths from 1200nm to 1800nm.
    • The lens facilitates imaging beyond the visible spectrum, making it suitable for scientific research, astronomy, and specialized applications.
  2. Sample Image:

  3. Technical Specifications:

    • Lens Type: 16mm F1.4 SWIR lens
    • Spectral Range: 1200nm to 1800nm
    • Filter Compatibility: The lens can be used with appropriate filters within this wavelength range.
    • Application: Ideal for scientific imaging, infrared studies, and specialized astronomical observations.

In summary, the QHY SWIR Lens unlocks the potential of the QHY990/991 cameras for capturing detailed images in the SWIR spectrum, providing valuable insights beyond what the human eye can perceive

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